West Coast Ships of the Canadian Coast

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Pat Bay
Gordon Reid

Other Ships

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Blue The ship is underway - Terrestial AIS.
Green The ship is underway - Satellite AIS.
Gold The ship is stopped, at anchor, moored, or shown at last reported position.
Red The ship has been stopped for more than 14 days.

Patricia Bay Station

Ship Type Length VF MT
  • John P. Tully
  • Offshore Oceanographic Science 65.7 m
  • Tanu
  • Mid Shore Patrol 52.1 m
  • Private Robertson V.C.
  • Mid Shore Patrol 42.8 m
  • Mid Shore Patrol 42.8 m
  • Captain Goddard M.S.M.
  • Mid Shore Patrol 42.8 m
  • Vector
  • Mid Shore Science 39.7 m
  • Neocaligus
  • Nearshore Fishery Research 18.8 m

    Victoria Station

    Ship Type Length VF MT
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier
  • High Endurance Multi-Tasked 83.0 m
  • Sir John Franklin
  • Offshore Fishery Science Vessel 63.4 m
  • Sir Wilfred Grenfell
  • Offshore Patrol Vessel 68.5 m
  • Bartlett
  • Medium Endurance Multi-Tasked 57.7 m
  • Gordon Reid
  • Specialty Vessel 50.0 m

    Other Ships

    Ship Type Length VF MT
  • Atlantic Raven
  • Emergency Offshore Towing Vessel 74.9 m
  • Atlantic Eagle
  • Emergency Offshore Towing Vessel 74.9 m

    Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel #1: August 2015-February 2017 from Seaspan on Vimeo.

    A timelapse of the construction progress of the Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel #1 over the August 2015-February 2017 time period.

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